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Online Banking Services Offered by Scotiabank in Canada

Online Banking Services Offered by Scotiabank in CanadaScotiabank is one of the largest banks in Canada. Serving over 20 million customers worldwide, it is the largest global Canadian bank.

Also known as The Bank of Nova Scotia, it offers various services, such as:

  • day-to-day products such as checking, savings, credit cards
  • line of credit accounts,
  • commercial banking
  • and cash management.

Online Banking Services Offered by Scotiabank in Canada

Global Finance Magazine recognized the bank as the best Consumer Digital Bank in the world. Which stands as a testimony that the bank is a leader in online and mobile services.

Scotiabank digital banking

As mentioned above, the bank is a world leader in digital banking.

The main features of the bank’s platform are:

  • account balances
  • transaction history
  • mobile deposits
  • eReciepts
  • Paywave and mobile wallet.

Among the other features are e-statements which display the credit card, personal loan, and mortgage statements in PDF format. These statements allow the customer to ensure that they are not behind on their bills, which would otherwise harm their credit, and charge them interest due to late or missed payments.

Mobile Deposits

This feature allows the customer to take a picture of the check being deposited into a particular day-to-day account. This also saves the customer the trip to drive to any branch and use their ABMs or wait in line to speak with a teller. Customers can retain the original copy of the check for their own references, and submit the photos for depositing purposes, right through the digital banking app.


In addition to the paperless billing, the bank has the eReciepts option. This option allows an individual to forward their receipts to a bank’s email. Then it gets paired with the transaction history in the online banking. Customers can also take photo’s of their receipts to ensure that they get archived, in case they need to reference them in the future for record keeping purposes.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet for Android devices and Apple Pay for iPhones allow the customer to use their mobile banking app as a way to pay for small purchases without the presence of a card. It applies the same principal as a PayWave.

To provide quick and efficient service, the bank offered the clients with the options to process balance transfers. Balance transfers act as cash advances, which are more likely initiated when the credit product used for cash advances a low-rate offer. While the services are available online, customers are also able to order checks for free, through the online banking portal.

The bank’s customers who use the Digital Banking are able to change the card type for their debit cards. From the various options provided, one of the most popular is the NHL Card. Clients can choose from nearly 30 different card designs, with each design corresponding to a preferred hockey team. Customers can also choose to switch their bank cards into a VISA Debit, or Interac Debit.

The Application Process

In order to apply for online bank, customers need to have a credit card or debit card. Depending on how they choose to register, the login page provides an option to activate the digital services.

If the client chooses to go through the mobile app, there is also an option for activating the online services. It can be done using a debit or credit card linked to any of the used products.

To download the app, customers can simply search for “Scotiabank” on the iPhone’s App Store, or Android’s Play Store. For any questions, customers may call the 24/7 customer service line offered by the bank.